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Leeson Electric Motors
Speed Controllable - 220volt Single Phase
Speed Range = 6:1 (290RPM → 1740RPM)
@90hz motor can go to 2600RPM

Leeson Electric Motors
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AC Drive Speed Control

Inverter Duty Motor

Looking for a solution that requires single phase 220 Volt input power and a speed controllable motor. We have assembled the following motors with the proper drive unit.
The package consists of a 220 volt single phase input/220 volt three phase output inverter drive controller and a three phase inverter duty, TEFC, premium efficient motor.
It will be your responsibility to properly connect the motor and controller.

Unit has built-in thermal overload protection which reduces additional costs. Heavy-duty wiring terminals, accessible via three conduit openings on the bottom of the housing,
speeding installation and cut costs. Unit has on/off buttons and up/down speed control.

Certain motor manufactures have, what they call "Smart Motors", that appear to be single phase motors, they are actually three phase motors with a single phase input inverter
drive control. Single phase motors are not speed controllable, as they have internal start switches that work on centrifugal force, if you slowed the motor, the switch would
disengage, putting the motor back into the start winding mode, burning the motor up. Also several of these designs have the controller designed into the motor, which means
if one part fails the whole unit needs to be replaced.

Click here to view the complete drive manual (88 pages) in PDF format

Catalog #


 115/230 volts Single Phase Input
120921/174931 1hp 1725RPM 143T Frame
3.4 amps @ 230 volts
ship weight 35 lbs.
120922/174932 1.5hp 1725RPM 145T Frame
5.6 amps @ 230 volts
ship weight 38 lbs.
230 Volts Single Phase Input
120923/174933 2hp 1725RPM 145T Frame
5.8 amps @ 230 volts
ship weight 50 lbs.
131463/174934 3hp 1725RPM 182T Frame
8.2 amps @ 230 volts
ship weight 78 lbs.

143T/145T=7/8" shaft, 182T=1 1/8" shaft

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