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Note: These motors are intended to be installed by a qualified HVAC technician

High Efficient Furnace Blower Motors
Utilizing ECM Technology

Comfort for your Home . . .. Comfort Select~FB motors offer ultra quiet operation, premium air quality, and Green Choiceฎ technology resulting in comfort for the home and comfort for the environment.

Green Choice

Comfort Series Furnace Blower Motor

Comfort Select ECM Furnace Motor

Commercial • Residential • Industrial
5 5/8" Diameter (48 Frame)
115 & 230 Volts 50/60 hz.
Shaft 1/2" x 3.94"

The Comfort Select ~ FB Motor is a brushless, direct current (BLDC), permanent magnet, electronically commutated motor. The motor is controlled by integrated electronics providing high efficiency, advanced motor protection, and has the same performance characteristics as a PSC motor.
The Comfort Select ~ FB Motor is designed as a direct replacement or retrofit product for a PSC motor.
Note: This motor WILL Not replace an existing OEM ECM motor such as Carrier or Trane.

• Available in 115V AC or 208-277V AC input voltage
• Available in 1 HP and 1/2 HP configurations to replace 6-pole PSC motors that range from 1/4 HP to 1 HP
• Peak efficiency of 82% (standard PSC motors are 59% efficient at peak)
• Class F Motor Insulation
• Built-in overheating protection
• Rated for operation in 50ฐ C ambient in a continuous air-over environment
• Advanced motor protection through electronics provides greater operating life and increased reliability
• Connects directly to the System Control Board the same way the PSC motor was connected
• No complex wiring modifications or signal wires
• Five speed taps provide speed-torque profiles similar to multi-speed PSC motors
High = 1100 RPM
Medium High = 1000 RPM
Medium = 900 RPM
Medium Low = 800 RPM
Low = 600 RPM (Fan)
• Automatic detection of correct rotation for both backward and forward curved blowers
• A learn mode that provides improved efficiency and greater flexibility for matching PSC motor performance in
  a furnace/air-handler unit. Note: Upon initial install motor will wait a few moments before it starts to spin.

Please Read the following literature prior to purchase

Installation Manual

ECM (electronic commutated motor) is a brushless DC motor with a permanent magnet rotor and a built in inverter. DC motors are more efficient than AC motors. They are also more expensive.

TO Standard Furnace Motors

Note: These motors are intended to be installed by a qualified HVAC technician

Part # drawing HP RPM Range Replaces amps Volts Price  
CSL1056 diagram 1/2 1100-600 1/4,1/3,1/2 hp 6.3 115V  

Replaced by New Genteq Evergreen Motor #6005

CSL1106 diagram 1 1100-600 3/4, 1 hp 11.6 115V  

Replaced by New Genteq Evergreen Motor #6010

CS1056 diagram 1/2 1100-600 1/4,1/3,1/2 hp 3.6-3.0 208-277V $219.95
CS1106 diagram 1 1100-600 3/4, 1 hp 6.9-5.7 208-277V $264.60
The figure below shows the Comfort Select~FB Motor Interface Module. There are seven cables that connect to the System Control Board and two connectors, power and signal, that connect to the Comfort Select~FB motor.

Comfort Select Connector

Mounting Bracket for 5 5/8" Blower Motors
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Flex Mounting Not Recommended

Welded 3-Ring Bracket Welded 3-Ring Bracket # 2MEV4
Adjustable motor bracket with welded rings and 3 rubber grommets for mounting to blower housing.
5 5/8" diameter Belly band mount.


Motor Mounting Lug Bracke Motor Mounting Lug Bracket # 3LC31
Double Wire, 5 1/8 to 5 1/2" Diameter Motors
Includes Three 1 3/4" Lugs with 3/8 x 1" Slots, Tightening Screw with Lock Washer for Extra Security.



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