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"Dryerjet" Clothes Dryer Vent Booster

Dryerjet Clothes Dryer Vent BoosterDryerjet Cothes Vent Dryer Booster

Manufactured by Acme Miami

Auto operation with adjustable pressure switch wired to a 10', 115 volt power cord.
No wiring necessary, just plug it in!
Fully Automatic Operation. Features the PS-35 Pressure Switch
mounted on unit completely wired to the 10-foot line cord.

  • Install next to dryer or anywhere in the line.
    Ball bearing motor OUT of airstream. No lint on motor.
    When the dryer exhaust has a long run to the vent it increases drying time as well as wear and tear on the dryer.
    The DryerJet has been tested on runs up to 50 feet of duct and up to four 90 bends.
    Testing was done by an independent lab at Florida International University.
    Tested to CSA standard C22.2 113-M 1984


    ship weight 15 lbs.

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