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Lincoln Electric Motors

Lincoln Three Phase Automotive Approved Electric Motors
NEMA 182 thru 445U Frames (U-frame motors)
Premium Efficiency
Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - Rigid Base
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Features: Approved by major US automobile manufactures including GM for minimum efficiency times
power factor requirements for GM7EH & 7EQ Specs. Ford EM1, Chrsyler NPEM-100
Full cast iron construction, regreaseable double shield ball bearings, shaft slinger on both ends of motor, 
stainless steel nameplate, epoxy paint.  Inverter Rated
Suitable for 65 ambient 1.00 service factor or 1.15SF, 40 ambient. Meets automotive requirements for sound power levels.

Lincoln Automotive Approved Electric Motors
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 460 volts  60hz (3 leads only)   class F insulation

Catalog #




LM21378 1hp 1750RPM 182 Frame 85 lbs. $507.87
LM21381 1hp 1140RPM 184 Frame 108 lbs. $621.03
LM21380 1.5hp 1750RPM 184 Frame 96 lbs. $543.96
LM20709 1.5hp 1140RPM 184 Frame 118 lbs $682.95
LM20708 2hp 1750RPM 184 Frame 116 lbs. $572.47
LM21382 3hp 1760RPM 213 Frame 168 lbs. $658.45
LM20391 3hp 1160RPM 215 Frame 182 lbs. $937.78
LM20392 5hp 1750RPM 215 Frame 170 lbs. $872.29
LM21385 5hp 1170RPM 254U Frame 260 lbs. $1373.92
LM21384 7.5hp 1760RPM 254U Frame 260 lbs. $1146.27
LM20389 7.5hp 1170RPM 256U Frame 332 lbs. $1667.95
LM20390 10hp 1760RPM 256U Frame 260 lbs. $1392.63
LM21665 15hp 1760RPM 284U Frame 525 lbs. $1912.53
LM20029 20hp 1760RPM 286U Frame 525 lbs. $2350.46
LM21386 25hp 1760RPM 324U Frame 748lbs. $2941.19
LM20030 30hp 1760RPM 326U Frame 748 lbs. $3435.70
LM21388 40hp 1780RPM 364U Frame 977 lbs. $4529.84
LM19530 50hp 1780RPM 365U Frame 1063 lbs. $5315.26

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