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Leeson Single Phase Electric Motor     Leeson Electric Motor  Baldor Single Phase Motor TEFC


Open Drip Proof Electric Motors

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Electric Motors

Leeson Rigid Base 1/4HP thru 10HP Leeson Rigid Base 1/12 thru 10HP TEFC
BaldorRigid Base 1/4HP thru 10HP Baldor Rigid Base 1/4HP thru 10HP
C Face Pump Motors C Face Pump Motors
Leeson 50hz Rigid Base 1/3HP thru 5HP
               50hz Resilient Base 1/3HP thru 2HP
Leeson 50hz Rigid Base 1/3HP thru 5HP
           50hzC Face NO Base 1/3hp thru 2hp
Furnace Blower Motors Brake Motor
Leeson Jet Pump/Well Pump 56C frame motors  Leeson Explosion Proof - Rigid Base
Pool Pump 56C frame motors Pressure Washer Motors 1.5 thru 6HP
Bill's Cyclone Dust Collector Motor Wash Down Duty Motors 1/3hp thru 2hp
  Stainless Steel
Pool/Spa Motors - Square Flange, 56J, 48Y Farm Duty Motors
Pool Sweep Motors Woodworking motors
Table Saws, Tool motors, Special Saw Mount
Delta Uni-Saw Replacements
Leeson Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Motors
Close-Coupled Pump Motors
these motors are common to commercial pool applications
Frames: JM, JP, TCZ
Speed Controllable motor (Smart Motor)
Inverter Drive motor package
Century® Nesbitt Replacement Fan & Blower Motors Right Angle Gear Motor

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