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Leeson Electric Motors

Direct Drive Double Inlet Full - and 3/4 Width Forward Curve Blowers
Furnace Blowers
115V & 208-230V; 60hz.

  • Blower wheel is reinforced to ensure optimal performance and trouble-free service

  • Discharge can be rotated in four 90 Degree increments

  • Units replace most direct-drive blowers with the same horsepower ratings

  • Max. inlet/ambient temp.: 104 Degree F

  • Includes motor, housing and blower wheel

  • Ball Bearings

  • Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

  • Includes Capacitor

  • Open Drip Proof

Blower motor and Housing

Used in new and replacement installations for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.
Heavy-gauge steel blower housings have gray enamel finish. Steel wheels have corrosion-resistant finish.

WARNING: (#) Motor overload will result if blower is operated at static pressure below performance shown.

Specification Sheet
Blower Dimensions
Model #
  Description Ship
1XJX7 1/6 hp 1070 RPM;  3.7 amps 115 Volts
9-7/16" Wheel Diameter
30 lbs. $189.98
1XJX8 1/4 hp 986 RPM; 4.9 amps 115 Volts
9-7/16" Wheel Diameter
40 lbs. $206.82
1XJX9 1/3 hp 1085 RPM; 6.9 amps 115 Volts
9-7/16" Wheel Diameter
40 lbs. $241.64
1XJY1 1/2 hp 1060 RPM; 9.0 amps 115 Volts
11" Wheel Diameter
45 lbs. $263.98
1XJY2 3/4hp 1100 RPM; 9.0 amps 115 Volts
11" Wheel Diameter
50 lbs. $285.74
1XJY3 1 hp 1097 RPM; 15.3 amps 115 Volts
13" Wheel Diameter
60 lbs. $319.66
1XJY4 1 hp 1097 RPM; 6.9 amps 208-230 Volts
13" Wheel Diameter
60 lbs. $316.58

Blower Housing Supports
Sold in pairs (2)

5TCJ2 Fits 1XJX7 $26.28/pr.
5TCJ3 Fits 1XJX8 & 1XJX9 $14.34/pr.
5TCJ4 Fits  1XJY1 & 1XJY2 $19.22/pr.
5TCJ5 Fits 1XJY3 & 1XJY4 $28.42/pr.


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