Friction Discs

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Stearns offers a comprehensive line of standard and special AC and DC industrial brakes and clutches. With over 100 years of design and manufacturing experience, Stearns has built a solid reputation for quality, commitment to customer satisfaction and superior reliability.

We have only listed the most common Stearns brakes as there are over 100,000 combinations available.
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Stearns Electric Brakes have a one week lead time to ship from the factory
At Electric Motor Warehouse we have in stock and ready to ship most of the common Stearns Friction Disc, Stearns Brakes, Stearns Coil, Stearns Solenoid, Stearns Pressure Plate, Stearns Stationary Disc
If you can't find what your looking for please give us a call and we will gladly assist you.