ARKTIC 59 - ECM Motors

morrill ECM Electric Motor

Energy Efficient ECM Technology
Refrigeration Motors

Applications: Our ARKTIC 59 motors are primarily used in the evaporator of commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers and freezers, but can be used in many air-moving applications demanding high efficiency and dependability with output ratings up to 74.6 watts.

Innovative design: Combining over 100 years of ECM technology innovation by Regal Beloit, and our commitment to value, quality, and service we are now offering the most efficient 74.6 watt electronically commutated motor available. Our ARKTIC 59 significantly outperforms both shaded pole and PSC technology. With efficiencies three times higher than shaded pole motors and 40% higher than PSC, in addition to the reliable design, the ARKTIC 59 provides users the most reliable and best energy savings solution for their applications.

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