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Solid State Variable Speed AC Motor Controls

Designed for Speed Control of:
Shaded Pole,  Permanent Split Capacitor and AC/DC Electric Motors
Not to be used with Capacitor Start motors or motors with internal centrifugal start switches.
UL & CSA Approved

These controls provide infinite variable speed for shaded pole and PSC motors.
Max amps means that the rated motor name plate amperage can not exceed this rating or you will damage the control and motor.
Motor must be run with sufficient torque to prevent stalling - A motor not turning will burn up.
Motor must have fan blade installed on shaft (direct drive) to cool motor.
Not to be used with gear motors.

Note Regarding Speed Controls:
With more and more people using wood burning stoves during heating of some issues surrounding the speed controls that vary the air output from centrifugal blowers.
On a single speed blower, a speed control wired in series with the hot line will allow the user to control the speed of the blower. Many speed controls will not
lower voltage below 60 and will not allow the wheel to slow to 0 RPM. Also, the combination of a blower and a speed control can often result in what is called
“harmonic noise” – strange vibrations and/or noises in the customer’s unit. Slightly increasing or decreasing the blower speed can sometimes eliminate this problem
– but it is often not 100% removable. Care should also be used in applying solid state speed control devices, as they are often installed in the common line, or in
a non-polarized plug setup. So even though the motor may not be turning because the speed control is turned too low for the motor to operate, electricity is still
connected to the speed control and a potential shock hazard exists. Finally, do not use light dimmer switches as speed controls for the centrifugal blower.
Controls should be approved for use with the motors found in these units.