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Electric Motors
AC Parallel Shaft Shaded Pole Gear Motor
Note: Old #'s have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Shaft = 3/8" x 1"
Cooling Fan on Motor
Rotation = CW Facing Output Shaft
Thermal Protection = Automatic
115 volts, 60 HZ.*

Lead time to Ship=1-2 Days

Model #

Old  #



Mfgr. # AMPS Ship


1LNG2 2L001 1 RPM, 1/80 hp
Run Torque 100 in. lbs.
Lower Cost PV003
Pellet Stove Auger Motor
56 V00323AA707 0.50 4 lbs. $91.50
1LNF7 6Z906 4 RPM, 1/80 hp
Run Torque 100 in. lbs.
56 V00323AB707 0.70 3 lbs. $98.89
1LNF8 6Z907 6 RPM, 1/50 hp
Run Torque 150 in. lbs.
65 V00323AC707 1.30 5 lbs. $87.82


6Z908 26 RPM, 1/50 hp
Run Torque 45 in. lbs.
15 V00323AD707 1.00 5 lbs. $108.72
1LNG1 6Z909 52 RPM, 1/50 hp
Run Torque 25 in lbs.
10 V00323AE707 1.30 5 lbs. $108.72

Old #'s have been discontinued



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