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Waterway Iron Might Circulation Pump

Iron Might Circulation Pump
Waterway Iron Might Pond Pump

  • 24 Hour Circulation
  • 48-Frame Proven Design
  • Side Discharge for Optimum Flow
  • Thread Union Connection for either 1" or 1.5" PVC
  • Can also use optional hose barbs
  • Delivers 40 GPM
  • 1725 RPM
  • Only 1.3 amps @ 115 volts
  • Optional Debris Basket Available
  • No Power Cord Supplied
  • One Year Manufacture warranty
  • Manufactured by Waterway Plastics, Oxnard, California
    Made in USA

Pump, Cartridge Filter & Debris Basket
We also have a circulation pump
(center discharge rotated 90°)
complete with cartridge filter, cord
debris basket and equipment base.
Starting at $170.92
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This unit is ideal for Koi pond use with it's very low power consumption and near silent operation. A much more industrious version of the 'Tiny Might' pump. Very similar to The Wave I Pump.  Simple 1" or 1.5" PVC connections or choose optional hose adapters. Be sure to select the correct union. If you have standard 1.5" PVC plumbing select the union for 1.5". If you have the smaller 1" PVC lines such as are used with the Tiny Might or Lange pump select the 1" unions. We also have a union for a 1" hose connection.
Numerous spa manufactures are now using the Iron Might pump for water circulation. This pump has proven to be much more dependable then the Tiny Might or Lange circulation pump.
The Iron Might pump is an excellent choice for replacing your Tiny Might or Lange circulation pump.  The small Tiny Might pump has a high failure rate. Because the pumps operate on a very low volume of water they are very susceptible to mineral build up around the seal, which will burn the seal up and damage the motor and bearings. Yes, we realize this pump is considerably larger and uses larger supply lines. But if you are tired of continually replacing the Tiny Might or Lange pump, this is the solution.

Pumps do not come with power cord or switch
Pump Dimensions: Length: 12.5" Height: 8.25: Width: 6.5"
Not Self Priming - Pump head must be below the water level

Catalog #

  Description - Unions Included


Waterway Iron Might 115 Volt
1.3 amps 50/60hz
ship weight 15 lbs.
Model Number: CP-1/15-1N11A
Catalog # 3410030-1E

with 1.5" Unions (for schedule 40 PVC) $145.90
with 1" Unions (for schedule 40 PVC $145.90
With 1" Hose Barb Unions $145.90
Optional 115 Volt power cord installed
8' 14-3 cord, 3-prong plug (# 1FD92)

Catalog #



Waterway Iron Might 230 Volt
.63 amps 50/60hz
ship weight 15 lbs.
Model Number: CP-1/15-1N22A
Catalog # 3410020-1E95
with 1.5" Unions (for schedule 40 PVC $145.90
with 1" Unions (for schedule 40 PVC $145.90
With 1" Hose Barb Unions $145.90

Optional Accessories

1.5" PVC Straight Hose Adapter
Hose Barb
1-1/2" MPT x 1-1/4" x 1-1/2"
Part # 417-6060
Cost $1.50 each

Union Fitting
Optional Union with
for schedule 40 1.5" PVC
Part # 400-4060
Cost $5.48 each

Union Fitting
Optional Union
with O-ring
for schedule 40 1" PVC
Part # 425-2020
Cost $4.98 each

Hose Barb fitting
Optional Hose Barb Union
with O-ring
for 1" flexible hose
Part # 425-2020HB
Cost $4.98 each

Debris Basket
Optional Debris/Leaf Basket
1.5" x 1.5"
Recommend for use as a priming pot if necessary
Part # 310-5400
Cost $34.95



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