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AO Smith Electric Motors - Nesbitt Replacement Motors
Century Nesbitt
Replacement Fan and Blower Motors

Century Electric Motors

Total Enclosed Air-Over Resilient Mount Single Phase Electric Motor
Permanent Split Capacitor 850 RPM 1/12 thru 1/3hp
60hz Class A Insulated SF=1. 0 Double-Ended Shaft
overload protection = automatic, unless otherwise indicated
These motors are common in school HVAC equipment

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Nesbitt Blower Motor
C031, C034, C035, C036


Nesbitt Blower Motor


Catalog #


AMPS ship


C031 1/12hp 715 RPM 56Z Frame
type=CX,  115 volts
Rotation - Reversible
TEAO Enclosure
wiring diagram
leads only-no plug
shaft=16 5/8" x 3/4" x 16 5/8"
overload protection=none
2.0 41 lbs. $547.36
C032A 1/8hp 850 RPM 48Y frame
type=CM, 115 volts
Rotation = CWLE
OAO Enclosure
shaft=6" x ½" x 6"
2.0 17 lbs. $423.36
C035 1/6hp 800 RPM 56Z Frame
type=CX, 230 volts
Rotation = CWLE
TEAO Enclosure
shaft=20¼" x ¾" x 20¼"
1.6 37 lbs. $599.98
C034 1/6hp 800 RPM 56Z Frame
type=CX, 115 volts
Rotation = CWLE
TEAO Enclosure
shaft=21½" x ¾" x 21½"
3.0 43 lbs. $567.14
C033 1/6hp 800 RPM 56 Frame
type=CX, 115 volts
Rotation - Reversible
ODP Enclosure
shaft=5/8" x 2" Single Shaft
3.0 27 lbs. $429.77
C036 1/3hp 850 RPM 56X Frame
type=CX, 115 volts
Rotation - Reversible
TEAO Enclosure
shaft=23" x ¾" x 23"
5.0 49 lbs. $623.50
WGT = Approximate Shipping Pounds

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