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KB Electronics Phase Converter KB Electronics Inc.
"KBVF"  Frequency Drive
A Low Cost, full featured, Motor Control / Frequency Drive
with 100% power output
Single phase input - Three phase output

If you have been to a used equipment auction and purchased a mill, lathe, drill press or other piece machinery with a three phase
motor and are looking for a low cost solution to power it with single phase power. This may be your low cost solution. Unlike
some of the electronic phase inverters that only output 2/3 of the power, this unit puts out 100% 3 phase power with 200% starting
torque. You will need to eliminate any other motor switches. You will connect the motor directly to the 3 terminals on the converter.
Otherwise the contacts from the old motor starter will allow feedback to the control that will damage the unit. The KB control
becomes the motor starter. The unit should be powered through an electric power disconnect.
When selecting drive size the motor amps cannot exceed the rated output amps of the control.


Standard Features:
Operates standard 208/230 VAC 3-phase AC motors, with 230 VAC  input single phase
Power Start provides more than 200% starting torque
30:1 speed range with full motor torque (Speed potentionmeter (pot) provided)
(Motor should be inverter rated if using speed control feature)
Controls 50hz and 60hz motors with a convenient jumper selection
Sinewave coded PWM-provides high motor torque and efficient operation
16 khz switching frequency-provides quite motor operations Motor overload protection
Jumper selections: Forward-stop-reverse/Enable-automatic-manual
                            You can use a 3-position toggle switch
                            Start 0-60,0-120, 0-50hz.
Trimpot adjustments: Minimum Speed-min, Maximum Speed-Max
Important Application Information: Most fan-cooled (TEFC) 3-phase motors will overheat
if used with an inverter beyond a limited speed range at full rated torque. Therefore, it is
necessary to reduce motor load as speed is decreased.
Attention: Your motor amps cannot exceed the rated output amps of the converter.
Motor can not be run through contacts. Motor to be wired directly to controller.
Note: Speed potentiometer must be connected or the motor will not spin, without the pot
the speed is set at zero and you will burn the motor up. You will need to soldier leads
to the potentiometer and connect it to the control.

Not Recommended for use on air compressors

Complete Drive Manual
Product Brochure

Phase Converter

Catalog #


KBVF-23D 1/2 Horsepower
2.4 MAX Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 2 lbs.
KBVF-24D 1 Horsepower
4.0 MAX Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 3 lbs.
KBVF-26D 5.5 MAX Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 4 lbs.

Leeson Electric Motors Phase Inverters

Phase Inverter for 1/4hp to 3hp, 3-phase electric motors
Micro Series Inverters
NEMA 1 (IP31) 
Single Phase 230 volt Input/Three Phase 230 volt Output

Leeson Electric Phase Inverter

Phase Inverter

Speedmaster Micro Series compact inverters, utilizing the latest microprocessor and advanced IGBT power conversion devices, these high performance controls program and
read-out in plain English terms, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking up confusing coded symbols. Complete, rugged steel enclosures for NEMA 1 (IP31)
service do not require additional enclosure protection as with many plastic-housed compact drives. Built-in thermal overload protection reduces additional costs. Heavy-duty
wiring terminals, accessible via three conduit openings on the bottom of the housing, speeding installation and cut costs.  Unit has on/off buttons and up/down speed control*.

If you are searching for a speed control motor package (smart motor) click here

Looking for a phase converter for your 3 phase electric motor? These units will power up to a 3hp motor, with true 3 phase output, unlike most electronic phase converters that
only output 2/3 the power, these units output 100% of the 3 phase power needed to run your motor. 230 volts single phase input, 230 volts three phase output.
Note: Motor can not be run through contacts. Motor to be wired directly to controller.

Catalog #



1/4 Horsepower
1.4 Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 6 lbs.

174931 1 Horsepower
4.0 Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 7 lbs.
174932 1.5 Horsepower
5.2 Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 7 lbs.
174933 2 Horsepower
6.8 Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 9 lbs.
174934 3 Horsepower
9.6 Output amps @ 230 Volt
ship weight 9 lbs.

* Above Not recommended for speed control-you will burn the motor up, unless you have an inverter duty 3 phase motor


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