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Lomanco Power Vent Attic Fan Motor


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Show Dimensional Diagram for F0510B2497
Replaces Lomanco Models: A0416B2059
A0510B2389, F0510B2497, F0510B2944

1/10hp, 1100RPM
3.4 amps, 115 Volts
CW rotation facing the shaft
Shaded Pole Motor - Will not replace a motor with a capacitor (PSC)
Shaft = 1/2" diameter x 1.75" with flat
Motor 2" thick without shaft
Motor Diameter = 5"
Class B Insulation, Thermally Protected
3 studs on back of motor, 4" on center, side to side
A universal mounting hardware kit comes in the box with each
motor to replace older models. Do not attempt to buy a new
unit and pull the motor out; the mounting has changed. The
conduit (flexible cable) can be used from your previous motor
simply by un-screwing it and putting it on your new motor
Download a motor replacement guide sheet HERE
Lomanco motor comes with Universal mounting kit to replace
the flat plate (with 3 mounting holes). Lomanco motor does not
have the flat plate sandwiched in between motor laminations.
Part # F0510B2497 Cost $44.95

Attic Fan Motor

AO Smith motor comes with flat mounting plate sandwiched in
between motor laminations. Holes on 7" bolt circle.
Shaft: 1/2" x 2"
Motor Diameter = 5"
CW rotation facing the shaft
(Direct Replacement for Lomanco 322P151) B42A37A01
1/10hp, 1550RPM, 4.4 amps, 115 volts, 60hz
The motors are a suggested replacement. Be sure to verify your
motor specifications to ensure our Lomanco motor will fit your
Dimensional Drawing
Part # OLM6151 Cost $139.95



Rear View

Motor # PD2957
Replaces McMillan PD144
1/10hp, 1050RPM, 115 volts, 3.4 amps
Shaded Pole Motor - Will not replace a motor with a capacitor (PSC)
Shaft 1/2" x 3 1/4" length with flat
Motor case: 2 1/4" thick without shaft
No mounting brackets; Motor Diameter = 5"
CW rotation facing shaft

4 studs on shaft end 4" on center, measured across shaft.
3 studs on  back, 4" on center.
Main difference - this motor has 3 1/4"" long shaft

Part # PD2957 Cost $47.52

Lomanco Replacement Fan Blade

Replacement Fan Blade for Lomanco Attic Fan Motor
  • 5 Blades
  • 12" Diameter
  • 1/2" Hub (bore)
  • Sheet Metal Construction
  • Includes set screw
Replacement fan blade for the Lomancool 2000/1800 power vent
We do not know the pitch of this blade, it is designed for the power vent.
Part # 14393 Cost $16.95

Broan 340, 343, 350, 353 Attic Ventilators #97009316
McMillian # PD9316

5" Diameter Motor
3.4 amps, 120 volts, 1160 RPM
Shaft 1/2" x 2-3/4", Rotation = CW
Motor length less shaft 2-1/4"
3 mounting studs on back; 4" on center
99080123, 99080129, 99080171, 99080206, 99080209, 99080212
99080210, F0510B2513, 322P137, 7151-2775, A0510B2159
A0510B2220, 99080263, A0510B2006, A0510B2055, 99080237
A0510B2116, A0510B2118, A0510B2157, F0510B4024

Part # PD9316 Cost $56.28

Broan 341, 355, 358 Attic Ventilators # 97009317
McMillian # PD9317

5" Diameter Motor
4.3 amps, 120 volts1140 RPM
Shaft 1/2" x 2-7/8 ", Rotation = CW
Motor length less shaft 2-5/8"
3 mounting studs on back, 4" on center
99080130, 99080210, 99080267, 99080239, A0516B2019, A0516B2158
A0516B2117, A0510B2221, F0516B2514, 322P138, F0516B4025
Part # PD9317 Cost $62.30

Broan Attic Ventilators
346, 356A, 356B, 356C, 356D, 356E, 356F
5" Diameter Motor
8.0 amps, 120V 60hz., 1500 RPM
Shaft Size 1/2" x 2 1/8"; Rotation CW
3 Mounting studs on back, 4" OC
Motor Case Length 4"
Reference:  5KCP29HK671S, DA26092N, DA26092, 322P159 
322P477 99080125, 99080131, 5KSP29KK1960S, 99080131, DA2G073N
DA2G086N, DA2G092N, DA2G092, 99080268, 99080240, DA2G087N
99080268, 99080131, 99080211, DA2G086, DA2G087, DA2G073
Part # 97009318 Cost $104.90


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